Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 12, 2013

My week was phenomenal! We received four new investigators throughout the week. It was very much needed b/c we have been on a drought for new investigators for quite a few weeks now. Yesterday we met w/ a referral we got from some other missionaries. He is a great guy. He grew up hard core Christian and apparently his second year in college he started to think a little differently and wonder who on earth he was speaking to when he prayed. He quickly lost his faith in things and hasn't been active in any church or prayer for a while now. I must think about all the many testimonies of millions today and in the past concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think about the miraculous things that people have seen that only a God could do. The miracle of the Restoration and its perfectness is testimony to me. So we watched Elder Hollands talk w/ him and shared how he must hold onto ground that he has won in the past whether that be seeing a miracle or being one of the things I listed above. I look at it as the game of Risk, some battles you fight and the line just won't budge, but we can search and conquer other territories, still gaining ground on things.  We then can come back and try again on the certain things that just don't make sense. Sometimes we just aren't going to win some battles until the hereafter, and that's ok. There is plenty to learn and conquer here.
Another investigator we started teaching, is way solid. He met w/ missionaries in the past and felt like they lectured him more than anything. So these first two times we've met w/ him we just let him ask questions. He has a lot and I love it. That's a big reason why I want to study always is so I have the best answer for these people. He is very eager to learn more, and we're eager to teach him. I have great hope that he'll be baptized in a few months.
have a wonderful week!!

Elder Hatfield